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The role of the Guidance Officer at Taigum State School

Guidance Officers identify factors that can be barriers to learning and development, and assist in planning how best to support students at school. Guidance Officers may work directly with the student or with the student's teachers, support personnel, family, other specialists, or professionals from other agencies depending on the issues to be resolved and the age of the student.

Taigum State School has access to a school based Guidance Officer for nominated days each term. Our Guidance Officer has high level training in a range of counselling frameworks, behaviour support strategies and in the assessment and diagnosis of a variety of educational and developmental difficulties.

Students with complex educational support needs are generally identified through discussions between the student’s family and classroom teacher, and then referred to the Guidance Officer through the school special needs committee.

The same process is utilised to prioritise requests for Guidance Officer support for medical or mental health assessments being conducted by Queensland Health.

The Literacy and Numeracy Support Teacher (STLaN)

  • Focus on data, including NAPLAN to identify areas of support and intensive intervention across the school.
  • Assist teachers in creating and delivering class programs/ intervention to support students.
  • To identify higher achieving students/ students who have the potential in the higher bandings of NAPLAN. Provide extension activities for these children together with class teacher.

Special Education Program

The Special Education Program at Taigum State School provides a range of services to support students with disabilities, their teachers and their families under the Educational Adjustment Program (EAP).

Our purpose is to ensure that students with disabilities are provided with a curriculum which is rigorous, relevant and meaningful, and which will help them to develop the understanding and skills needed to be happy, independent and productive members of their community.

Our services are delivered by our ‘Special Education Program’ teacher and teacher aides. We believe that in Special Education there is no room for a 'one size fits all' attitude.