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SIU - Taigum State School - Executive Summary - 2017.pdf Executive Summary 2017SIU - Taigum State School - Executive Summary - 2017492 KB
2018 Prep booklist.pdf2018 Prep booklist2018 Prep booklist69 KB
2018 TAIGUM TUCKSHOP MENU.pdf2018 Taigum Tuckshop Menu - Term 22018 TAIGUM TUCKSHOP MENU178 KB
2018 Tuckshop Menu.pdf2018 Tuckshop Menu2018 Tuckshop Menu32 KB
2018 Yr 1 booklist.pdf2018 Year 1 booklist2018 Yr 1 booklist71 KB
2018 Yr 2 booklist.pdf2018 Year 2 booklist2018 Yr 2 booklist77 KB
2018 Yr 3 booklist.pdf2018 Year 3 booklist2018 Yr 3 booklist70 KB
2018 Yr 4 booklist.pdf2018 Year 4 booklist2018 Yr 4 booklist69 KB
2018 Yr 5 booklist.pdf2018 Year 5 booklist2018 Yr 5 booklist72 KB
2018 Yr 6 booklist.pdf2018 Year 6 booklist2018 Yr 6 booklist77 KB
TPS - AST - Taigum State School - Park  Stride Map.pdfActive School Travel TPS - AST - Taigum State School - Park Stride Map3773 KB
Current Student App - Enrol.pdfApplication for Student Enrolment FormCurrent Student App - Enrol336 KB
Cross Country 2017.pdfCross Country 2017Cross Country 201767 KB
feb-2018-pandc-minutes.pdfFebruary 2018 P&C Minutesfeb-2018-pandc-minutes249 KB
how_to_lunchbox.pdfHow to pack a Healthy Lunchboxhow_to_lunchbox337 KB
I4S_plan_taigum_state_school.pdfI4S Plan Taigum State SchoolI4S_plan_taigum_state_school243 KB
taigum-ss-investing-for-success.pdfInvesting for Successtaigum-ss-investing-for-success74 KB
learnscape-plant-guide.pdfLearnscape Plant Identification Guidelearnscape-plant-guide2990 KB
managed-enrolment-plan.pdfManaged Enrolment Planmanaged-enrolment-plan1057 KB
mar-12-minutes.pdfMarch 2018 P&C Minutesmar-12-minutes236 KB
May 2018 minutes.pdfMay 2018May 2018 minutes243 KB
pandc-request-form.pdfP & C Funding Request Formpandc-request-form1090 KB
PandC Application for Membership.pdfP&C Application for MembershipPandC Application for Membership38 KB
pc-conveyor-add.pdfP&C Canteen Conveyor Position pc-conveyor-add15 KB
parent-factsheet.pdfParent Factsheetparent-factsheet386 KB
bramble_bay_athletics_program.pdfProgram of Events (approximate times)bramble_bay_athletics_program158 KB
Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students 2018.pdfResponsible Behaviour Plan for Students 2018Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students 2018671 KB
taigum_ss_ I4s_agreement.pdfTaigum SS I4S Agreement taigum_ss_ I4s_agreement107 KB
price list update 18-01-2017.docUniform Price List 2017price list update 18-01-2017636 KB
What is a PandC.pdfWhat is a P&CWhat is a PandC211 KB